Expertise and services        

After many projects in the first years of activity based on C / C++, Java and Visual Basic, he specialized in the new Microsoft .NET platform, becoming one of the first consultants with proved experience on large .NET projects already in 2003.

His expertise gained in several business domains and gave him strong know-how of the techniques necessary to build robust, scalable and high-performance applications for middle and big companies.

As proved in his several professional experiences he adapts very easily and quickly to different realities, depending on the client requirements he can or work on a time basis or overtake the responsibility of entire projects, in order to guarantee the customer against costs escalations.




Software projects become always more complex and available technologies increase. As independent software consultant he can help in the choice of the best design, architecture and technology currently on the market. He can realize concepts on architectures and software design for in-house or offshore development. This can be as a full-time activity or just on a recurring base for concept and code reviews.

Project management

Depending of the company culture, dimension and ambiance, software projects may be quite large and complex. As high specialist with experience in many IT projects he can help in the correct technological and architectural choices, managing available human resources, selecting new specialists and IT partners and avoiding most common errors. Many times IT divisions are overloaded with work or there are other reasons to outsource the project management to an extern partner. David Pizzi is used to integrate in heterogeneous companies with different processes and getting the best out of it.


Software development is becoming not only a pure coding job, but requires intensive customer contact and interaction, knowledge of the systems and interfaces as well as a deep technology know-how. He can help realizing your projects as a whole, together with IT partners or as a team member according to your resources and requirements.


David Pizzi can also be an outsource partner for small to medium projects. He can develop software systems from the concept to the finished product, eventually together with IT partners. He realized many software systems as outsource partner keeping this way internal resources free and allowing the definition of fix project budgets. Under special conditions he can also take business responsibility for quality and delivery.