References and projects

Here are listed some major projects realizes by David Pizzi :

    Client/server windows application to calculate the commission paid to extern agents by a large bank based on Sql server and Visual Basic

    Budget simulation and calculation module for a large bank based on ASP and Sql server

    Rating application to evaluate the risk associated with bank credits based on Visual Basic and Sql server

    Electronic payment module between most used ERP solutions (Sesam, Abacus, etc.) and the electronic payment network PayNet based on C and Visual Basic

    Production tracking system for a laser production company based on Oracle

    Interface application to control a chemical robot creating new substances based on C# and Oracle

    Enterprise framework for multi-tier windows and web applications based on C#, VB.NET, Oracle and Sql server

    ERP Solution for small businesses and companies based on C#, VB.NET, Xml, Oracle and Sql server


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