Davis Pizzi  has specialized from the beginning on Object Oriented technologies. These included C++, Java, COM/DCOM and Visual Basic. From 2002 David Pizzi  specialized on the Microsoft .NET platform and architecture, and in 2003 was one of the first consultants having real experience on large projects based on this architecture. Since then he is working getting the best out of it.

David Pizzi  is also an expert on database systems and architectures. Together with the design of the most complex relational models he is also the ideal partner for the choice of a distributed / replicated system, a persistency mapping and network security integration.

He gained a substantial experience using the following technologies and products, and he is able to help his customer choose among them the most appropriate in order to reduce time to market and increase return on investment:

Operating Systems Windows (all versions), Unix (Sun Solarix, Linux), DOS
Platforms Microsoft .NET/Win32, Java/J2EE, CORBA
Databases Oracle, SQL Server, Access
Languages C#, C/C++/Managed C++, VB/VB.NET, Java, Smalltalk
Component Models COM/DCOM+, CORBA Objects
Tools Visual Studio.NET, Rational Rose, Clear Case, Visio, Toad